29 April, 2020

Tikaani Moon returns to Dell (And More Updates)

I know my bad review on Dell computers, but since I needed a new laptop (again), my mom suggested to try a Dell again. I did not want to get another notebook since I bought two and I had problems where they don't have enough space I need for working on them. I mean, the laptops are not able to be updated regularly which leaves them prone to being compromised. So far, I am impressed by the Dell laptop I have, but it's too early to say. Besides, I remember saying that about every new laptop I posted about. I'll give an update later.

I at first went for smaller laptops such as notebooks because I started disliking the bulky computers. I liked compact and more fitting kawaii themes. Since getting into web development in school however, I'm learning more about computer storage and memory. Stuff like that. I realized the computers I was picking out were cute, but they didn't have enough storage for my needs.

My previous bad reviews were solely from personally owning a few Dell laptops. I was disappointed of their unreliability during my need to work on them. I use my laptop for work as a writer, plus studying web development among so many other work related activities. Years ago, one laptop would literally cut off on me without warning. My mom is working on her doctorate degree at the only college that's open in the United States, Liberty University. Yeah, a Christian college which tempted me to also enroll into this one as well. It's interesting because the Bible is incorporated into the curriculum.

Now that I have this new laptop, I have been trying to at least write more. I haven't posted because I was without a computer for awhile until now. Well, also because my health has gotten worse. Even though I tried returning to writing, it's been hard. Still, I push to get at least something done each day.

Back to writing, I returned to working on the second Polar Qimuktis and now I am making sure the first book is perfected. That is due to the down time because of the crisis. I'm making the most of what's going on. I just heard the market is not good for books, manga or games, the 3 things I create. It seems to slowly be returning in the entertainment's favour, which would be soon. I suppose soon would be appropriate to publish.

I have some books and manga that only have random main scenes written for them. Right now, I will start trying to put my projects together into one cohesive story. It's been a lot of brainstorming and getting into my playlists. I found a new streaming service called Tidal which I used with Google Music.

I know I haven't been streaming any games on Twitch lately. The truth is I can't sit up long enough to stream a game, but I've been working on my channel anyway. I'll try to stream soon.

So, I'll share more updates soon. 


  1. I hope this Dell works better for you. All of our computers have been Dell and our laptop lasted twelve years. Still works, was just slow, so we got another one last year.
    I'm stunned the hospital would let patients just die. There are plenty of places to go here. You need to track down a specialist - no one should live in misery.

    1. Thank you, wow that's impressive and gives me some hope for Dell. Yeah, I was shocked myself when knowing this, but the nurses are right at the door asking why are you coming into the hospital before you are allowed to come in. Thank you, yes, I do think I need to find a specialist who would believe me and is willing to help me. So far, I haven't found anyone like that yet.


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