25 June, 2020

Do Games Need a Great Plot?

I ran across a question regarding the importance of game storylines. Do games need an actual story and plot? I have came across games where the story or plot is weak, but still it is a good gameplay. Sometimes, I don't think it matters. I must admit to not paying too much attention to the story anyway. I'm the one who skips over the cutscenes, skips the dialogue, but that's only for games I see doesn't have a well thought out story. That or I just want to play the game. I may not could tell you what the game is about or the names of the characters, but I do enjoy playing the game.

Recently though, I have been seeking for games specifically with solid stories. Being interested in storytelling increased my interest in storylines. I think it's also due to my game projects. While playing or watching someone else play, I noticed recently I pay attention to the dialogue and story more. The start of game writing and creation I believe allows me to take more time during my own gameplay. Since realizing how much time is put into actually making a game, it can make you better appreciate them. It allows me to try to take more time with the story of the game. There have been games that's been worth the time I feel.

As a creator of games, I learned the importance of having a great story. I do believe a good story enhances the gameplay and keeps the player engaged and interested. That's why I try to carefully develop the stories for my game projects. My favourite combinations in games are amazing colors, originality, adventure, thought provoking, great music and a story that could stay with me. There's not many of those, but there's a few games where the stories have been interesting. So interesting, I'm still thinking of them. I will share a list of the games I feel are worth playing for the story. I'm posting game reviews and will mention the games in those posts. This post here was to discuss game storylines. 

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