03 June, 2020

IWSG: June 3rd 2020

It's time for another post for The Insecure Writer's Support Group. Please visit here to learn more.

There's a lot that has happened here in Minnesota. I've stayed safe by staying out of the way and just observe from afar. All day and all night, I can hear chaos and mayhem. Writing can sort of help briefly forget about the world around you, but then it did help to listen out for any suspicious noises that came too close. It can be disturbing to hear people screaming, people overtaking houses and destruction. I see writing especially during these times therapeutic. It happens to be the only thing I find therapeutic in these stressful times.

So I do think writing is just as stress relieving as reading can be. Although there may be troubles such as rioting, protests or other problems in your writing, I still find it a way to relieve stress, escape even if it's for a brief moment. No, I'm not saying run away from things that you don't like or escaping reality or being in a fantasy world since being into healthcare and they often misunderstand these concepts. This is merely relieving stress, nothing more than that. I am not saying run away from problems or neglecting anything. I feel as a writer, it will be my job to help people find different worlds even if it is for brief moments. I would like my work to relieve stress even though there are problems in the work, and this is why I am writing projects for when others don't feel like reading about problems that are too intense.

Being in the healthcare field, I find it good to discover something that helps you deal with stress in healthy ways. Writing is not only healthy, (depending upon what you're writing), but it's also productive.   


  1. Hi,
    Yes, writing can be very therapeutic in times like these. Please stay safe.
    Take care and thank you for being a part of IWSG.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  2. Writing can relieve stress and help you deal with issues in the world. You stay safe up there.

  3. I can't imagine being in the middle of that. People came to our town (specifically from out of town) Monday night and I kept listening for untoward sounds. I realized I was actually a little afraid.

    1. Yeah, it can be scary and stressful when hearing those sounds all around you. I did hear it was all across the country. Hope everyone stays safe...

  4. Hahaha, I love the disclaimer "depending upon what you're writing." Tis true. What then would it be considered unhealthy or dangerous writing? Maybe subjects or stories that have not yet been fully comprehended and have spurned from past trauma? Maybe content too dark, too much of a shadow exercise that it intoxicates the writer with hate inevitably affecting their private life? Thoughts anyone?

    Xo, :)
    Laurel (an aspiring novella writer)

    1. I just now saw this comment. I feel specific writing cannot help with healthy writing such as things that feed on unhealthy topics. It depends on how the writer is writing and how it affects their mind while writing I believe.


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