11 July, 2020

Missed the Group Post

I just realized I missed the post for Insecure Writer's Support Group which has never happened before. I promise to participate in the next post. I've been absent a lot on my blogs, but I'll try to return to regularly posting.

Most of my agendas consist of working on my books, manga and games. I tried completing a manga and game, plus finishing the second Polar Qimuktis. So far, I have 217 pages for the book and 163 pages for the manga. I'm aiming to write at least 200 pages, but I don't want to stretch it too far if there's nothing more to write in the manga. Since I do write books though, perhaps that was practice filling longer scenes. Yes, I am still preparing the first Polar Qimuktis. I do know ever since this pandemic, books were deemed non-essential. I have tried to wait on the right time to publish.

I learned more about manga writing. While writing one day, I was curious how many pages could go into a single chapter. Well, my question wasn't answered that day. Instead, I received irrelevant answers. I did get an idea of how many pages for an entire manga, and that is 180 or 200. This is just an average of course. It does depend upon the manga. The next day, I got my answer about the pages in the chapters during a look at panels. From what I read, it's about 15 to 50 pages. Again, that all depends upon the manga and author. I thought this was different than books when you're taught to write no more than 10 or 15 pages per chapter. I saw how flexible manga can be, but for me, I want to shoot for 200 pages.

The disappointing part about this, I mean, I do like how it's going, but it looks like I'll have to end up rewriting the manga script. I'll relook at the outline, which is the original 2015 version. I know I have a habit of rewriting my outlines, but I actually preferred the original outline over the newer versions.

I didn't know I'll be posting this on my birthday, but anyway, I'll try to keep the blog active. 


  1. Happy birthday!
    Never thought about writing for Manga. Sounds fun though.
    No worries you missed the exact post day.

    1. Thank you! It is quite fun and interesting to write manga. Oh, thank you. I was worried for a minute there.

  2. Happy belated birthday.

    It sounds like you have plenty of wiggle room in chapter lengths.


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