31 August, 2020

Searching for Mackenzie River Huskies, CEDs, or Laika Dogs

I made this post because I've been receiving questions as to how to find the dog breeds mentioned in my posts. I answered, but wanted to elaborate in a post about these questions. I've also been looking for Mackenzie River Huskies, CEDs (Canadian Eskimo Dog), or the Nenets Herding Laika for years. Still, I haven't been lucky. I find it extremely hard to find people who are willing to sell their dogs or puppies to you. I preferred to buy a puppy, but everyone did not wish to give up a puppy.

I forgot to mention, years ago however, I did come across some websites where the Mackenzie River Huskies were being given up for adoption. So, you may get lucky in coming across them. It takes patience though and a lot of hard searching. I was always keeping an eye out for any website that offered them. I learned however, if I really wanted one, I wasn't going to pay a cheap price for either breed. I also posted on the newspaper and internet saying I was looking for either breed. I found out many of these searches required that I travel to Canada, Alaska and abroad. 

When it came to the Nenets Herding Laika, I ran into this guy in Russia who had thirteen puppies on a farm. I asked if he could sell me just one puppy. He said he wanted to sell all of the puppies to get rid of them because he was sick of them. I was like, whoa, what would I do with thirteen puppies? I only want one. Trying to sweeten the deal, he wanted to fly the puppies to the United States. The thing was he wasn't willing to give me only one puppy, but preferred if I took all thirteen puppies. 

It seems there is better responses in Russia. The disadvantage could be language barriers if you don't know Russian. Well, the breeder I corresponded with spoke and understood English. I think I just got lucky that time. That was years ago when I wasn't learning Russian. So, I didn't know any Russian at that time. Of course, there must be travel arrangements if you don't live in Russia. I am not really sure if all of the Russian breeders are like the guy I spoken to. When I searched around, I just noticed they all were either on a farm or in some wooded area. 

This is my experience of searching for rare Arctic Dog breeds. I haven't been successful though, so I gave up. 


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