26 September, 2020

I'll Get There One Day...

 So, as some may know, the Polar Qimuktis book was finished and pretty much polished already. When I went to format it though, I realized the document was gone! I was very angry, thinking I would have to rewrite the entire book. Luckily I found an older version of book 1. However this is the unedited version. Now I am back to the editing stage, which I am not happy about. There are actually 2 documents I was confused about. 1 had 333 pages, the other 501. I started editing the one with 333 pages until finding the second doc. Now, I am not sure which one I should edit. I am just rereading through the one with lesser pages since I am at chapter 5 now. I'll see if this is the right version. 

This set things back. The problem I have is with working on Microsoft. I currently work in OneDrive because of the disaster of working on the actual Word version. I learned it's best to work online so I can access my projects on any device. OneDrive has this issue where after awhile, it deletes my work! I don't notice it until I go looking for the document. Then I find out it's not there. I don't want to talk too badly about Microsoft because I do love the Xbox. Since getting into Computer Science, I've also been learning more about the company. I am like their cheerleader. I just feel some services need improvement. 

I am not sure about returning to Google Docs. I just noticed Google had been removing some of their departments/services, and this made my work not safe. I would like to have a reliable program for working, but I don't trust other brands enough. I'm just unsure why this happened. Is it because I didn't go premium? Or what is it? I wonder why this always happens when I try working using Microsoft. 

Well, this time allowed me to focus on school. While I am going for Computer Science, I've also been interested in Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Business. I saw universities in London, and I think that's where I would like to attend. Americans have been barred from traveling to almost every country due to the coronavirus. So, I don't think I can travel in order to go to school. This is why I'll do this solely online. 

So, these are the updates I wanted to share. I'll make sure to post more updates soon. 


  1. I back up everything on an external hard drive and I do it daily. Not too trusting of cloud services since any of them can just go under and take your work with them.

    1. I think I'll try the external hard drive thing. Thanks.


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