02 September, 2020

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If you could choose one author, living or dead, to be your beta partner, who would it be and why?

This is a hard question for me. I usually don't have partners or anything when it comes to writing. So I can't think of a beta partner. Well, If I had to choose, it would be Sir Author Conan Doyle. The rules was living or dead and so, I choose a dead author. If anyone looks around my posting, I always admired Doyle and his work, the author of Sherlock Holmes. It's because I favour the 19th century style of writing above anything else, and I wonder how could I write as amazing as that? I don't copy the book itself, but learn words, spelling and how to write in that time a bit. I think I get along with the dead more than the living anyway. Growing up in a haunted house, speaking with the dead wouldn't alarm me one bit. Sometimes. 

Off topic, as I have always stated, I read more classic books more than modern books. I get more inspiration from 19th century works. Well, recently, I've been looking over modern authors and books, trying to read through modern books. My passion however will always be classic reads. In my writing, I try to take from the 19th century wording a bit. I see my wording taking more inspiration from Conan Doyle with a modern twist.  

I usually post these at 3:30 a.m. Not sure why, just a habit perhaps. I just noticed it when I missed that time. Not sure what broke me out of that habit. I'll change it to p.m. for now on. 


  1. Classic reads are always good. Great author choice!

  2. He's a good choice - very solid story teller.
    I've always had test readers followed by critique partners. They all catch a lot I miss.

    1. I also think he's a good choice. That's very interesting and sounds good to have test readers and critique partners. I've always worked alone. I prefer only grammar and stuff like that.


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