06 September, 2020

Managing School and Writing

Ever since adding on school, I have worried about finding the time to write. I already work, but being a CNA doesn't take too much of my time away from writing surprisingly. I know I'm getting really close to reaching my goal, the goal I spent years trying to accomplish, and I sacrificed so much for. However, I've been wanting to get a degree in science/technology, for it's my new interest and passion. I know other writers who's been following me from the start may say, they've knew this day would come. They tell me they expect young writers to get bored with writing. I'm serious about writing and will finish what I started. 

I remember a while back I mentioned about attending college at Liberty University. I've been embarrassed by the recent scandals from the president of Liberty, Jerry Falwell Jr. When you mention Liberty University, people look with disgust. I didn't know why until hearing about the scandals. Then it hit me. My face was red when seeing this on the news. I won't repeat it on the blog, but you can read it on the link. So called Christian University. These are the values I don't stand behind, but others assume I do because I attend there. I wondered why people would say, "I didn't know you were that type of a person." which I'm embarrassed about. This is why I am looking for another college. I cannot respectfully get a degree from Liberty University. 

I know my major was Web Development, but my down time allowed me to research more on the degrees. Then I was interested in Computer Science, but then I saw IT or Information Technology. I can't decide which one to choose. So, all this waiting is actually trying to decide. I just really love computers and video game consoles. I think this would go more into Computer Science then...

Anyway, my greatest struggle would be getting through school and writing with my current health problems. I think it's possible for me. I worked through so much already in my current situation. Some conditions most claim people could die from, but I'm not dead obviously. I just have to ask, how bad do I want this? And so for both my writing and school, I work through the pain. I'll get there even if I have to crawl.  

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