12 September, 2020

Tikaani Moon Art Project

Recently, I started returning to drawing. It's because of my upcoming YouTube project. The project is also related to my fashion designing career. It was hard to decide on the topic for my channel. Now, I decided. I saved my Lolita stuff for the channel, and I'll share more about my career as a fashion designer. Of course, I'll share some stuff here. It's mainly about creating different looks; knowing how to become creative with fashion and makeup. Also, about the industry.

Years ago, I use to draw anime, but then I quit drawing. Recently, I've tried getting back into drawing to learn how to create professional fashion sketches. Also, I would like to draw the Tikaani Moon Wolf character myself. I got a drawing tablet in order to help with this project. I did run across things about creating fabric using a tablet, so this is also why I bought one. The anime style fits more into the type of fashion I create. 

So, even though I'm not done with my other two sketchbooks, I got another one. All three is filled with my fashion sketches. Now, I would like to get back to drawing animals, mainly wolves and dogs. I use to draw wolves well, but I got sloppy. I think because I don't take as much time as I use to. I lost the patience to draw really. If I happen to run across my old drawings, I can post them. That's if they weren't packed. 

I remember being able to draw wolves like my header, and I just would like to go back to being able to draw that good. I will create a chibi and regular Tikaani. This is for custom fabric and other products I'll have soon.  


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