19 September, 2020

Toto Update

Since people's been so interested about what happened to Toto, I'll share an update on him. 

An example of a typical Toto. He loves destroying every toy we buy him. Not even 3 seconds we get it into the door, the toy looks like this. Toto is quite the interesting dog. He turned out to be interesting. We are still dealing with his potty training issue where he'll potty anywhere in the house. He's also not out of that destructive behavior. 

Just today, he was given a dog bed and immediately he went to ripping it apart. Well, only the base of the bed is removed. 

Toto does have a few issues we're trying to tackle, but other than that I do feel Toto has the potential to be a good dog. I mean, he generally is a great companion to have around. 


  1. Hopefully you can train that out of him. I had a dog growing up that ate my forty-five record collection.

    1. I hope to teach him how to stop this behavior. Oh no, not fun when they destroy you things.


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