11 October, 2020

Classical Music in a New Light

Recently, I've been running across articles like the one I found today It's Time to Let Classical Music Die. This article among others speaks on the division and exclusion Classical Music generates. Of course, they are looking at Classical Music's history and today how many feel this music is "elitist", only for a select few. In history, Classical Music tended to separate rich and poor, and of course, they included races. The reason I decided to post about these comments is due to my first series, Polar Qimuktis heavily involves Classical Music and Performing Arts. In fact, the series was meant to also promote this type of music. I wondered how can I promote Classical Music when everyone has suddenly turned against it? 

Classical Music may have been a divider back in the Mozart days, but it certainly is not today. I was actually shocked when coming across these articles and tweets. Classical Music has become more diverse and less "elitist". During my ancestral search a while ago, I came across pieces mentioning Classical Music lovers and players from many Asian countries. For example, look at this link where it speaks of Classical Music in the Middle East. A piece by Smithsonian shares an Israeli pianist named Amiram Rigai showcases the classical side of the Middle East. Piano and the violin is considered Classical Music. 

Today, Classical Music is no longer solely for the rich. Those of any economic background is welcomed to the genre. Modernity allows anyone to listen. Because of our current era, the gap has somewhat been bridged when it comes to classical music. 

If others feel Classical Music is not inclusive enough, the solution is to have more diverse people playing and listening. This music allows you to include your own culture when playing it, for I've seen it being done. Musical instruments are just what they are, instruments. Inanimate objects are incapable of being racist, but of course, those who create music with these instruments can misuse them. What we need to see is diversity in players, which I've already seen it. No longer is classical music limited to one race and one culture. 

Classical Music is peaceful. In the Healthcare industry, it is a fact meditative music such as Classical lowers blood pressure. This is why often you can hear Classical Music at specific locations at a clinic or hospital. It is also the recommended genre as a CNA, caring for patients in their home. Without classical music, there's no other music that would elicit calmness. 

I do acknowledge exclusion happens. However, since seeing many from all walks of life listen and play Classical Music, I feel it's not as exclusive as other genres can be. If others find it too "elite", then breaching gaps would solve these problems.

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