14 October, 2020

Minecraft's Unfinished Story Mode

 I was really excited when Minecraft Story Mode was being announced on tv. Being a fan of Minecraft, I had to go play it. What makes the story mode unique is that you play as a character named Jesse, which is obviously voiced by Patton Oswalt (The rat from Rataouille); the player gets to select what is said. Based upon your selection, the game or story will change according to your choices. I really love games that have this element. Plus, I actually was interested in the story itself. Probably because I like storytelling. 

I finally finished chapter one of the first season. I learned that I would have to buy the other chapters, but I saw it said they were coming soon. It just really sucked to have finished the first chapter, but you're unable to move forward in the story. I mean, that was just the beginning of the story and your choices hung in limbo. So, I played the second season and saw only the first chapter was finished as well. I waited and played other games in the meantime. 

Then later on, that "coming soon" on the chapters were gone. I assumed they were finished. When going to buy the other chapters however, the store says it's unavailable. By the way, it said this when the game just came out. That was pretty crappy I thought. You finish chapter one from both seasons, and unable to continue with the story. At first, I thought there was an error with my Xbox or internet connection. I tried waiting until they would be available, unfortunately they were never made available. 

I googled to see why the chapters were unavailable. Then I ran across a piece saying Telltale games went out of business, making the story mode unavailable. I was disappointed and frustrated. My biggest pet peeve is being unable to see how a story ends. It nagged me to not know what happened next. I heard Telltale games no longer had the license to sell Minecraft Story Mode. I was wondering, is Mojang not able to sell the chapters neither? 

Fast forward things, I am still talking about this. I will always wonder what happened next. I mean, I can go watch someone else play it through YouTube. When looking on YouTube I ask, how were they able to complete the story?! I preferred to continue the story with my choices though. This was a game I would've never gotten tired of. A game I can play over and over again, but unfortunately, it just doesn't make sense to keep restarting the first chapters without finishing the story.  

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