29 October, 2020

Redoing the Blog

 There's been a bit of confusion. Sorry about the drastic change. Yes, I did remove the custom template because I am fixing it, possibly creating a new design. Maybe. I've had that one done by someone who emailed me because I didn't know where I was going with the upgrade. So, they suggested they had an idea, so I accepted their suggestion. There's just a few things I need to correct, but with this new upgrade on Blogger, I've been trying to figure out how to reupload the template once I'm done. I'll probably just write in the code through the edit HTML. I don't see a "Download Template" anymore unless I just don't see it. 

I'm just not really sure if I want that template anymore. I would like to customize it to fit more of the Tikaani Moon theme. It'll take some time for me to get an idea though. I just didn't want those errors to remain on the blog. I do appreciate the template idea though. I really do. 

So I just needed to let everyone know this is the right site, and I removed the template in order to fix a few errors. 

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