20 October, 2020

School Updates

I noticed most use the contact me section for job offers and school opportunities. The thing is, my plans for studying Computer Science was to help with my game development. Since I create games, it would be nice to have more knowledge on the programming part of making games. I mean, apart from what I've been learning already. It's nice to have credentials for possibly more career opportunities. My focus is mostly on web development though because I aim to develop software, apps and sites. No, I don't technically need a degree for this, but I would like to get another degree focusing on this study. 

A quick note of my educational history, again, I completed a few related to Military History, Military Science, and some specific to the War in Iraq, military tactics and weaponry. When I finished it however, the school was angry I fell through the cracks being so young. I was too young to enlist in the military, but I rightfully earned the degrees since I completed all of the programs. Because of me, many universities raised the required age to, well, now I see 16 years old.

Back to the offers, I was offered to study Computer Science in Russia. It was called Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I was curious and did research on the best country for the Computer Science degree. I was very impressed by Business Insider's report of top computer programmers by country. Russia ranks 2nd. Of course, from what I read, a lot of Russian programmers do not learn necessarily in the way I would like to. I've heard comments by Russian citizens of the lacking education level there. When comparing Russian Universities and American ones, there seems to be some teetering here. While Russia may surpass America on some things, America surpasses with a few. When looking up which is the best country to learn Computer Science, the United States is number 1, but on some lists the United Kingdom is 1st. It seems a bit weird the U.S. is the best since our computer programming ranks only 28. Perhaps many factor in the education comparison? 

I wanted to study in the U.K., but I have considered the offer. I do appreciate the offer. I don't want anything to sound offensive since I learned a lot of Russians read my posts. I never considered moving to Russia though. The research has been discouraging. I hear how it's hard living in Russia due to the high poverty and poor healthcare. Here is an example. This is something even citizens say. I just wondered what it would be like staying in Russia for a few years? I think the online version is more convenient for me however. This is why I've searched for studying online, and I didn't see this in the universities that gave a recommendation to attend their school. If they considered online programs that would be better, although many assume it isn't equivalent to physically sitting in a classroom. I want to post regarding the online learning debate. 

I am aware video games have rapidly evolved significantly. So much, game creation has risen in level. It looks almost like the bar was raised. I know the rules that most make to start small. Yet, I dislike the idea of ditching my projects that I already developed. This is the reason expanding my education on game development would benefit me (also web and app development). 


  1. Might be a lot more online opportunities right now. Russia might be great to visit, but you definitely want to go where the best education is. Surprised it's not Japan.

    1. I have seen a few international universities offering online programs. Actually, I was hoping one of the Russian schools would make their programs online. I would definitely enroll now. Yes, I think the higher educated places is best. Japan is 6th, which I was surprised about too. But of course China is number 1!


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