04 November, 2020

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"Albert Camus once said, the purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself." Flannery O'Conner said, "I write to discover what I know." Author across time and distance have had many reasons to write. Why do you write what you write?" 

I get this question a lot, why I write and why I write the things I write about. My answer would be I write about the things that interest me. Many things I also would like to bring recognition to specific topics. My first series was to show appreciation for Native American culture, and so others can see their culture in a different light. 

I may write about the past, where my books takes place in a previous time to keep it alive. Even though these days have gone, through a book or even a game, you are able to relive those days again. It's nice to take yourself back to specific years. My favourite time to reflect and write about is the World War II timeline. Many can often see my fascination as an obsession, an obsession I had for years. Since being a writer, I can write about my interest. It's nice to see where we've came from or where we've been, and where we are going. I mean, predict which direction our world will go next through Science Fiction, Dystopian or Futuristic stories.  

I write also to explore different minds and different worlds. I may write about cults, cannibals and stalkers to further study the human psyche. It just fascinates me how certain people can view the world, and how the level of their mental stableness can alter their perceptions. What many might see as not "normal", others see it as perfectly normal in their world. With cults, I find it interesting to see how charismatic personalities can often become dangerous and powerful at times. It depends upon the individual. 

As far as for demons, I write about demons to answer many questions that were unanswered about them. To educate others more about demons. 

Well, simply, I write for interest; to inspire and to bring awareness. 

So, based upon specific topics I write about, I have different reasons for writing them. It depends on how others ask this question to me. 


  1. Your reason for writing opens you up to a wild variety of stories and genres.

  2. We’re the first readers of our work. Interest in what we’re reading matters.


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