29 November, 2020

My Weekly Reflection

Last week, I learned a bit about writing even though I took a break. It's more like I found a revelation after reflecting. Learning about characters and how they connect with readers, taught me how I still had lots to learn about writing. Again, I do not consider my writing career official until I get something published. 

Lately, I've been doubting the time I spent on my projects. I wonder was it all worth it? Was it worth giving up the one thing I really wanted to do with my life? And that was join the military? For this past week, I've been depressingly regretting my decision not to enlist. I know in a past post, I said I didn't regret it, but recently I do. I think this is why I obsess over military history and things related. I learned it's actually not too late for me, but actually I can't join. I was saddened I wasn't allowed to join because of my seizures. This is probably something I wanted more than I wanted to be a writer. 

So many times I was close to giving up writing, but this week grew closer. I think today I'm back on track thanks to my family who encourages me to keep going. Sometimes, I can still wonder that same question.

Although I haven't written anything, I've been learning about developing more diverse characters. What I mean diverse is creating characters with various backgrounds and scenarios. I would like to better represent those who struggle getting ahead, versus those who is already a mile ahead of everyone else; I mean those who don't have to work so hard to get what they want or need like many people. As race 'diverse' wise, my projects already have that covered. Many of them feature a wide range of different cultures, countries and languages.

In the Polar Qimuktis series, I wanted to represent young people who are getting a head start on their life goals and careers. As teenagers/millennials, the main characters already have their lives planned out pretty much. Not by their parents, but themselves. 

Anyway, I did learn specific experiences can make you into a better storyteller. I think I've been taught to write more meaningful work. So, I can't now since the process of moving, but once settled in, I'll get back on track with my writing. 


  1. I knew what I wanted to do when I was a kid and I stuck with it. It's good to show characters who do that.
    Sorry the military isn't an option anymore.

    1. That's wonderful. Very nice to have it all figured out early on. I think it is good to include this for characters as well. Oh, well, it's alright I guess. Thank you.


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