12 November, 2020

Writing on Pause

I missed the weekend again. I kind of lost track of the time due to how busy I've been. We are currently in the process of moving. I've been doing a lot of painting since it was advised to paint everything white and gray. It is mainly advised to remove yourself out of the house. This process has been bittersweet. I'm rushing to leave, yet I remember growing up in this house. Anyway, that's what we did; we removed our own style out to a blank canvas for someone else. 

We plan on moving to a rural area, still in Minnesota. During my research, I learned how much of Minnesota is still not fully developed. I mean, there's like a small portion of this State that's actually developed into a full city. People would be surprised to see how much of the United States is actually not developed yet, to say we're the most developed country in the world. I'll show everyone when we find our new home. 

I know I removed the design from the blog, then lost the time to actually upgrade it. I just didn't want the errors there, and I think this is better than having those mistakes on the blog. I've been trying to plan the new design, but didn't have time really.

I haven't worked on anything since September or early October which is the longest I paused my work. I'm currently in the process of rereading the first Polar Qimuktis for the final time. Ever since doing some reading, I learned how to shorten and simplify sentences. I learned the video I shared in a previous post on how to write was actually unnecessary. I even put enrolling on pause. It would take too much away from helping with the move. I also haven't decided if I want to attend in the UK or Russia. Well, I'm still going through the enrolling process. 

So, these are updates I wanted to share. I've been real busy, but will try to keep better track of the days.


  1. It's easy for the days to blend together right now.

    1. Yeah, it certainly is, which is how I forget what day it is.


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