27 December, 2020

Cutting Down on Pet Bedding: Update

I missed the Saturday post, but I'm posting now. The whole moving process has allowed me to realize how much our pets run through bedding. This is something everyone forgets to mention when buying Guinea Pigs, especially the recommended amount. One alone can use a lot of bedding, but it is highly recommended to pair Guinea Pigs because they are social animals. It is best to pair them with Pigs of the same gender I feel, although they have some strange behaviours I don't really like that they do. 

So, instead of a blanket, we tried puppy training pads. They are soft and can give them warmth as well. Of course you know how much Guinea Pigs eat. Our Guinea Pigs were eating all day and soaking their pads every few hours, which had to be changed constantly. I remember trying it out with our last batch, and it not working, but I thought we could try it again. Plus, we needed to keep them warm during travel in our car. Since this happens, I'm not sure how other Guinea Pig owners use the blanket or fleece method. They are completely soaked after a couple of hours. What it leaves is a strong ammonia smell that can be harmful to humans from long exposure to the smell. If their waste is not cleaned up in a timely fashion, Guinea Pigs can develop infections and other illnesses. Many of these diseases are passable to humans. In fact, Guinea Pigs are compared to wild rodents. When reading articles stating this, I knew how important it is that our Guinea Pigs don't stay long in their waste. 

What we learned from other Guinea Pig owners, some don't let their water be available 24/7 like what we do. Ours always have access to food and water all day, even through the night. We recently tried putting them on a schedule with their water only. Since they eat lots of fruit and vegetables, they are getting water through their food. Actually, our Pigs we have to monitor with the water anyway because they'll keep drinking until it's empty in one drinking session. I noticed all of our Guinea Pigs have this behaviour. Many times we have to tell them when it's enough. It just actually worked out with the schedule. Their water is given to them in the morning. After everyone is finished, we remove the bottle from the cage. If not, they'll just empty the entire bottle in one session anyway, making the bedding soaked within seconds. When this happens, we change it several times a day. So, taking up the water preserves the bedding for a few days or a day. However, the Pigs are given the water at specific times of the day, but while being given fruits and vegetables. 

I think this way is a good method in monitoring how much water a Guinea Pig drinks, while keeping them hydrated with foods. I mean, it's a way I found effective in preserving pet bedding. If I find another way, I'll post it.    

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