19 December, 2020

New Plans for Blogger (Along with Updates)

I haven't had time to pull out my tablet or sketchbooks to draw the art for my posts yet. I'm still packed and waiting for our house to sale. Actually, I wasn't quite satisfied with my tablet and will be purchasing a new drawing tablet; one that would work better. I currently have a Huion Tablet, but I wasn't successful in pairing it with my laptop. Also, I just was not happy with the purchase. So I've been doing some research on drawing tablets so I won't make the same mistake again. I'll have to get it when I move though. The tablet is currently packed, but I will find it and post again on my review of it. 

The tablet will also help for my fashion projects and to create fabric. I considered taking some Fashion course focused on Fashion Business or Merchandising. This is to better help me on my road to launching my online store. I already chose the Computer Science, but I've thought to take other classes as well. 

I decided to post on both Blogger and Wordpress. So, I haven't ended blogging on this platform. The Blogger one might be going through some visual changes. That's to fit with the posting, but I may leave it. Currently, I'm just playing with ideas on what to do with the blog. 

As I knew I wouldn't, I didn't have any time to post during the week. I was worried I wouldn't make it to post today, but I did! I'll post more updates when I can. I will hope to post during the week if I have time. Thanks for reading. 

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