12 December, 2020

Tikaani Moon is Returning to Wordpress

 In an earlier post, I stated I wouldn't move to Wordpress. However, recent turn of events led me to change my mind. At first I didn't know how to properly use Wordpress. Getting deeper into computer stuff has helped me navigate through websites better, especially Wordpress. Therefore, I needed to announce that Tikaani Moon will be migrating to Wordpress. I already imported Blogger posts to the site and I'm customizing according to the brand. Here is the working progress so far: 

The Tikaani Moon theme and brand is what enticed me to try out Wordpress again. That was since I no longer saw the "upload template" feature here. I received two emails from Google. One stating older blogs would be removed starting june of 2021. The other is unrelated to blogs, but about Google Drive being changed as well. Documents not opened two years or more will be deleted. With these changes, I was worried about Blogger and the future of Google. I wondered, why so many downsizes? Why so many cuts? Well, currently majoring in Computer Science, I do hear wonderful aspects of Google regarding their technology. 

Anyway, the main reason I was returning to art due to my blogs. I'll update my blogs with my own Tikaani Moon illustration because I do draw. I don't have time now, but once I move, I'll get on making these illustrations tailored for each posts. I promise to not have another naked post again. I just prefer to have my own branding instead of a recycled image. This is why my posts have no image until I create one. 

These are the updates I wanted to share. I'm not too sure, but I may be real busy this week. I've been trying to post within the week and then the weekend, but I can't. 

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