31 January, 2021

A Career Reflection

As a Nursing Assistant, healthcare would no doubt spill into my posts. I was thinking how relevant healthcare was ever since this pandemic began. Healthcare professionals have been the highlight most of last year. I noticed more people asking for advice regarding this situation. All I can advise is to follow the guidance of our government. I strongly believe in mask wearing, long before it was recommended. I saw China putting on masks, and I know the Chinese are intelligent people. They shouldn't have been debunked about wearing masks in the beginning. I also do believe in social distancing. I still don't leave the house unless it's necessary. 

Where I work is not a hospital setting, but we provide assistance in people's homes. Covid-19 actually did not end this. However, there was concern due to my age. Most are assuming I don't follow the guidelines because of the news, and how it states young people are ignoring them. Also, we're more prone to spreading the virus. Although not required, we were given an option to get the vaccine to not give Covid-19 to the patients. I don't know when, but I received the vaccine. I'm getting the second one on the 17th. 

I think what's weird now is having to help those with disabilities when now I'm considered with a disability. Despite this, I don't actually consider my seizures a disability. Yes, it does affect my memory, ability to exercise, thinking capacity, but I'm not disabled. This isn't a 'not defined by disability' thing. I do admit though, my health makes my job hard. 

I've had people ask what's it like to have a seizure. On this subject, I'll share it here. Mines are kind of strange. They are triggered by lack of sleep, stress, flashing lights, bright colors, fear, specific patterns and certain noises. Of course too, exercise. Well, I have tachycardia which prevents me from exercising as well. This means I must find others ways to lose weight if I wanted to. So, I don't think they are bad seizures because I'm aware of my surroundings, and plus, I can hear still during the seizure. From 8 years of learning in the healthcare field, I know this is a partial seizure of sorts. Afterwards, I am unconscious for a- I don't know how long, no one's ever timed it. This has puzzled others. I was never properly diagnosed as to what kind of seizures these are. So I looked through my books to see. I can't be for sure without a proper diagnosis. The problem is, they have to be triggered in order to see. 

It can be hard, but I manage to get the job done. These recent events allowed me to realize how important healthcare is, but most importantly quality healthcare services. I am happy with my decision of taking this job when I was 18. Recently, I considered furthering my healthcare career. I know I now major in Computer Science, but I have thought of becoming an RN. It use to take one year, now it takes two years. Being a CNA has its problems. You are often looked down upon by RNs because they feel you shouldn't be considered a Nurse, when actually we are technically Nurses as well. We're a part of the Nursing staff, and we do everything a Nurse does. It wasn't until recently were we considered this however. I would like to change my title from CNA to RN though. Since I'm studying from a Russian college, I do not know if I should continue in Russia. The problem with getting an international degree, many times it is invalid in the United States as I've personally learned. I feel though American degrees aren't the only valid ones. 

I guess these are all my thoughts. I know I tend to see errors after I publish a post, but I will fix any errors. 

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