03 January, 2021

During Hiatus

It's been months since I've played any game on my Xbox nor on my PS4. Now, all the games I've missed I wanted to play. I have to wait until I move first. I don't think my work and schooling will keep me away from gaming too much. 

The funny thing that happened in 2020, I wanted to play the Animal Crossing New Horizon when it was announced. It was the reason why I wanted the Nintendo Switch. My family ends up playing the game though, not me. I watch them play, and sort of grew uninterested. I've moved on to other games now, but I still like following the game and watching others play it. 

The same thing happened with the PSVR. We first purchased the PS4, then later on bought the VR for it. I tried the VR a few times, but not as many times as my family has. I noticed having a severe headache after each use. Then I started having seizures; So I had to stop wearing the VR headset. I never had a seizure during the actual VR gameplay though, so I think I'll test it out again. 

Well, I haven't been able to play anything lately. Instead of playing games, I've been mostly learning the process of creating them. What's pretty cool about the international schools, they incorporate game design into their curriculum. 

During my writing hiatus, I've been learning more about modern writers and modern books. Most importantly, I've been brushing up on writing tutorials. No, I haven't edited the Polar Qimuktis since October, but I have jotted down ideas for new projects. Mostly I had to write it down on a phone and then write it on my computer when I get home. I can't wait to move so I can finally resume to editing again. I hate my health delayed releasing the book, but I can't do anything about it now. 

I may add to this later, but I just wrote this just to have something to post. 


  1. I have one computer game I'm playing, but I finally ditched the Xbox as I never used it anymore.
    Hope you can get back to editing soon!

    1. Computer games seemed pretty cool with graphics but hard. Honestly I mainly used my Xbox for streaming more than playing. Thank you I hope to get back to editing too.


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