25 January, 2021

Forgetting Everything

Saturday night, I had a series of seizures. Afterwards, my memory worsened and my ability to think what to write. I do have a list of drafts I can post, but they are half written drafts. I started not to post something like this, but my mind is just blank now. I can't think of anything to write for this week. I'm not even able to finish the drafts. Currently, I'm trying to recover while recovering from the effects of the Moderna vaccine I recently got.

I've been looking into how to improve memory, especially since I forget everything I learn. I read How to Remember Things, and at first these methods seemed too complicated. After reading it, I thought to try these methods. Exercising wouldn't be a method for me, since exercising always trigger my seizures for some reason. 

How I've been memorizing things is write everything down. This is how I've been trying to get through the class, and how I'll get through four years. Even if I don't remember, I can always return to my notes. I hate I forgot everything about coding after the seizure. I've studied it for a few years now, but I must learn everything again. I forgot to write what I learned down.   

I'm aware I have to work harder than the average person if school is something I want, and it is. Additionally, if I want to be a writer. I feel if others have done it, then so can I. 

I hope to post something better soon...


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