09 January, 2021

Gaming Updates (And Writing Updates)

 So after the past week, things died down a bit. It's not so crazy, but I'm still quite busy. 

Since everything is packed including my Xbox One, I've been wanting to get the new Xbox console. This whole moving incident probably helped with my decision. There's been lots of awesome games I wanted to play. I couldn't wait until I moved to play them. I also know my Twitch account laid dormant. I just hate our internet here. We're going to a rural location, but I think our internet will be fine. I suppose. I'll share the games I picked. 

Despite of everything, I managed to get something done. It wasn't as much as I wanted, but it's something. It bothered me about this one manga. I only have a few scenes to fill in, and it seem hard to do. Not even that. I think there's just a few sentences in these scenes. Yesterday, I wrote a lot in, but I have two scenes left. I kind of skip around the entire manga or book to fill in the scenes until it's done. I know it's random, but this is how I do things. Then I reread it to see how it sounds altogether. A manga is easier than a book because you only have a panel script to write in. Nothing more. So why is it taking so long? I noticed my seizures affecting my ability to think of ideas faster.  

UPDATES: Later on that same day, I was able to finish the manga. Only volume 1 though. I would like to have different projects done for various formats.


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