16 January, 2021

My Week Was Kind of Different...

For the beginning of this week, I've been onto the next project, which is to expand the notes for two separate Shonen manga series. One is the first volume I finished, the other is a sports, tournament type. I remember taking a class on Faculty of Manga through Seika Japanese school when it was offered online. I'm not sure if it's still offered online. I noticed most of Japan's online school options have vanished. It was a while back though. Through this class, I learned the culture of manga and how they relate with Japanese culture. So in order to write manga, you must first understand this culture and the behavior. 

Speaking of class, I decided to test out Russian colleges with a 6 week course. Actually too, since I'm moving, I don't think I could've enrolled right now just yet. From experience, I know America can have some pretty bad schools; the instructors can be nightmares or either really great. It all depends. The experiences mostly at American schools have been bad. So I thought to try an international college. So, I thought of testing out Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. To see how their curriculum is, their instructors and everything like that. This is only the first week, so it's too early to rate everything just yet. So far however, I do like this school. It's also an introduction of Computer Science, since I never done things like this before. At first, it did seem overwhelming and too complex for me, but I am beginning to understand things now. It was a pretty big disaster actually because I had to learn Python coding, circuit building and etc. in 1 week. I've done nothing else, but learn everything I needed to learn about all of these things in 1 week. I bookmarked all useful sites and made notes of everything. I wasn't a math person during school, which seems weird that I am learning Algebra and Algorithms. Years ago, I wouldn't have thought I would be here now. This is all necessary however in order to learn how to program games. Become a game and app creator, plus a web developer. It kind of all starts here.

I just really love the country Russia. So much, that I'm obsessed with attending college there. I found 2 offering online. However, I also love the UK. So I'm torn as to where to attend now. I'll share when I made a decision. Who knows, it may even be Germany. I know many of these colleges though want some sort of academic background in mathematics, and this is why I took this course to give myself a math background.

So, due to studying and the moving process, my other work took the backburner temporarily. I now worry if school would put my writing last to the point I can't get it done. I hope not. 


  1. Glad you are able to take the online Russian classes. It will give you a good feel for how they run and how it might be in person. I lived in London for a while which was great at the time but right now would be a total nightmare.

    1. Thank you. I also agree it would get me idea of how Russian colleges are. What's great about it is that many Russian schools also offer full programs online as well, which is the route I'm going. That's cool you lived in London before, it does look like a great country. I would imagine now not being the best time to study in person there though as well.


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