20 February, 2021

Deleting a Character for the First Time

For the years I've been writing, I have never deleted an entire character. I've deleted scenes, whole chapters, settings or ideas, but not a character. For the most part, I've liked the characters I developed too much to delete them. Perhaps I remember changing personalities to fit to my liking. That's if the character I developed I dislike. So I change what they do and how they behave so I can like them. 

However, the first time I've deleted a character was... not sure when. It's probably been years ago since how fast time goes. I think it was. This book is a Science Fiction story; actually a series. I recently turned it into a series. This is the book I mentioned before. Like I said before, I changed the main character. You will call this one an "Unsympathetic Character". Years ago, I was influenced by my mother's adoptive background and turned him into an adoptee, and that he was born in Russia. He's always been an unsympathetic character. I left his character mostly intact, although others have said he was too much of a jerk... Right, let's get to the point of this post. 

Anyway, I had a female character who would bump into the main character. They meet in college, for they attend the same university like another male character that's in the beginning (and also in the series). I always had a problem with the first book. It's always been too long of a beginning; not necessarily getting to the main plot. I changed the beginning twice. Actually, the beginning went through several revisions, but two (or more) with the female character. She is more of a subplot, but I didn't like how some of these versions with her was going. The main male character ends up dating her. I know the previous points I made, but this is from years ago when I was a teen. This was during my studies in Writing. At this university, I was taught you have to have a love interest, and that's why I wrote it this way. When looking at this story, it didn't seem like "love" though. More like some odd arrangement. She was a runaway and ends up homeless, but gets a place to stay when meeting the main character. Then I realized he was pushing himself on her. Anyway, my mom years ago advised to delete her character. When removing her character, I realized she was the bulk of the first chapter. 

Since I changed the main character, it wouldn't have altered the beginning. I'm glad to have deleted her character though. Still, the first chapter remains to be a drag. So I've been deleting more scenes to get on with the story. Since many of these scenes were deleted, the main character's jerky moments have been removed. So perhaps now he wouldn't seem to bad.  

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time I deleted a character. I thought I would feel differently about this, but in fact, I feel happy about it.     

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