15 February, 2021

Little Nightmares II: I Cannot Wait to Play


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I'm posting this today due to my scheduling. This is one of few games I was excited to play ever since its announcement in 2020. Well, I think it was first shown in 2019 as a teaser if I'm not mistaken. 

I am a huge Little Nightmares fan. I played the first one. I can't remember when. First, you play as a girl named Six; the girl in the yellow jacket. I love horror games and so, of course I would play this one. There's a constant sense of wanting to escape to a safe zone in the Maw, with unique characters you must avoid. This is from the Janitor, the Chef, the Painted Lady and other dangers awaiting the player. The music sinks you right into the gameplay. I later played The Secrets of the Maw in 2020, and found the story interesting. I always talk of game stories, and this is one of my favourites. 

So I see Little Nightmares II and the gameplay on Youtube, and it just makes me wish I could play this now. It's suppose to be a sequel to Little Nightmares one, but how the game goes, this looks more like another prequel to the story. The reason why I believe so is due to how the first Little Nightmares game goes and how the Littlest Nightmare, which is the mobile game. All of these seem more like introductions and backstories, or origin storylines. I believe the second Little Nightmares game rightfully should be considered the true first game. It shows Six before she wears the yellow raincoat, and before she develops into the character she becomes in the first game. It also shows how Mono, the boy in the game, how he becomes the Thin Man. The mobile game seems to have happened before the first Little Nightmares game. I already saw how the game ends. Sometimes I feel seeing the ending, I don't have to play it since I've seen the gameplay and watched someone else play. However, there's a few that I still desire to play in order to experience it for myself. This is one of them. 

When I do finally play this one, I'll give an update. And I must say, even though the Little Nightmares game switched hands, I look forward to seeing what else they come up with. From the characters and the story, I feel Little Nightmares is an intriguing game.

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