27 February, 2021

Lolita Show: Mixed Online Reviews

Recently, I was browsing Lolita stuff when coming across a store called Lolita Show. Even though it's been years, I'm still new to wearing Lolita. To be honest, I haven't been wearing Lolita. I plan to return to wearing Lolita this year. 

Everyone in the Lolita world knows never to buy from Milaano. Well, I learned this years ago from viewing Youtube videos, reading blogs and coming across memes. Milaano's dresses can look beautiful, but you don't receive what's advertised on the website. I never bought anything to see neither. 

However, no one mentioned before Milaano owns several stores. I ran across Lolita Show. What a pretty site it is. Before ordering I checked if it was a legit store. This is a habit of mine. According to this site, Lolita Show is pretty much legit. There are some bad reviews, but they're stating customers are satisfied with the products they receive. Wanting another source, I looked elsewhere. Scamadviser also stated it was trustworthy. However, reddit doesn't say this. According to this site, it's a scam, it's owned by Milaano. There are just different reviews online, but I often pay close attention to bad reviews with anything. Actually, I have a habit of looking at bad reviews first. Just because someone else had a good experience, this is not a guarantee everyone will. I try to look at the pros and cons of every product or business. 

So, I decided to listen to the scam warnings and knew not to order from Lolita Show as well. I think anyone can be fooled though by the pretty pink site, and dresses if you're new to Lolita. I'll stick to the stores I'm familiar with if I decide to buy.  

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