13 February, 2021

Spiritfarer: A Calming Game About Death


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I first ran across this game in 2020. I already purchased another game similar to this (I'll post about later), and so I was interested in playing this one. Basically you are the new Ferrymaster named Stella. The introduction is actually interesting to see. I don't recall everything, but I think you get a ship you must upgrade? I do know you must collect specific materials and items in order to continue upgrading and building on your ship. Despite of it being about dying, this is actually a peaceful game. I love the story and the characters you come across along your journey. Your job is to house and basically serve these spirits on the ship until getting them to the afterlife. I haven't made it that far yet. I'm still on the journey. I am not sure how far I've gotten. I don't remember. 

There's a big map, a nice sized world to explore. The ones on your ship, you get to tend to their needs, but the most interesting part is listening to their stories. I guess being a CNA, I learned to enjoy listening to those sharing their life story. So, this was the perfect game. The music goes peacefully well with the scenery and the story. You go on quests, mainly made by the guests on your ship and you fulfill them. They're almost like final requests you grant. You get to fish for a variety of items, most I sell, but some you can cook with. Oh yeah, you cook different dishes. Some guests prefer specific foods and can dislike certain dishes you make. They can even request dishes. The cooking thing reminds me of the Don't Starve Together thing, which I always liked. You can make linen, garden and even house animals. Pretty soon, your ship becomes more like a busy hotel... or kind of like a nursing home. 

I think I have about four on the ship currently, and some sheep. I am still on the process of upgrading the ship to suit everyone's needs. 

Even though I always state how I like horror and fighting games, I do love calmer games too. It's just an interesting game that I recommend to play at least once for the story and the journey. 

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