20 March, 2021

A Needed Qimuktis Update

It's been a while since giving an update on the Polar Qimuktis book. I read my older posts, cringing over the promises to release it. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to actually sit down and work on the first book. I know there's still a lot that must be done before releasing it. Again, I need to reread the book for the last time since I couldn't find the polished version. I've begun trying to backup my projects so this wouldn't be a repeat performance. I can't remember where I left off, but I'll find it. Hopefully, life won't delay the publication again.

Adding school made me realize how much it takes away from my writing. Half is spent preparing for quizzes and tests, or learning something I don't know much about; the other half is spent on actual writing. Well, I haven't written anything. I worked on the Zombie series I mentioned here. It's only because I finally have things together for this project. I pulled up older versions. I didn't like these versions because these were the times I was studying writing in college. So, I took the pieces and pasted them into the 2021 version. 

I don't want to give up on the Polar Qimuktis. The select few around me knows how much I worked hard and sacrificed for this very project. I worked more on this series than any other. I've been trying to put as much work into the other projects. Still, this one is just something I must finish. I can't be sure yet, but I do hope to finish this year. I'm currently drifting like a traveller, hoping to find that special place in the world where I can work in peace. 


  1. Hopefully you can get it done.
    I'd cringe if I read anything I wrote even ten years ago.

    1. Yes, I hope to be done soon. I am the same when running across things I wrote in my notebooks!


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