13 March, 2021

Recommended Websites for Engineers

I wanted to share some sites I recently discovered I personally found useful as a Computer Science student. I'll just give a list below...

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange I think was the first site I joined in order to get the hang of the Python language. There are discussions where people can ask questions related to programming languages, and they can even discuss related topics. 


Electrical4u, a website that shares information regarding electrical engineering. Even if your major is Computer Science or you are learning Computer Science, I learned the curriculum is actually the same with a few differences. Still, it shows logic gates which are also related to Computer Science/Engineering. 


Hackernoon is a source I came across for the first week of studying. This is the article I read. After looking around the site, I saw people are able to write tech-related articles almost like Medium. 


ElectronicTutorials is a site you can join in order to save useful articles about electronic engineering. Of course, you don't have to join the site, but simply view the tutorials you need to learn about building devices. 

I do have more, but these are the most helpful sites that you are able to join or subscribe for tutorials.

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