03 April, 2021

Easter and the Kawaii World

I've been running across lovely Easter decor. The Easter baskets, pastel sweets, bunny lip balms, and colourful candies have been an inspiration. Seeing this, I wanted to collect every pastel item that can build my kawaii collection. Kawaii and Easter actually go hand and hand. The pastel colours are the same, and it promotes the same happy environment. The Kawaii style gets a lot of criticism. If you just think of Easter, you can sort of find Kawaii similar. This year, I was beginning to really love spring and the holiday because of my preferred lifestyle. I know I'm usually a winter person, but spring is also nice. I feel it's a short season, probably because we usually have our spring later than others. Now I see things have changed. It made me wonder what was wrong with the US and the weather? Everything is backwards. The south is getting freezing snow, while up north, we get warm weather. I've always wanted a warm Easter, and I guess I'm getting just that. 

Easter makes me wish I could see all of the kawaii styled things everywhere I look. It makes me wish that every day could be Easter. I love the bunnies and whatever else comes with the holiday. Of course, I don't wait for Easter to arrive for pastel colours. Since all of my kawaii clothes are stored away, I had to skip this Easter. I hope next year, I'll be able to match the season. Talking about next year, I hope it will be different than it was this year. 

Anyway, have a Happy Easter. 

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