24 April, 2021

Lost Ember

Lost Ember review, game review

I first saw Lost Ember while watching game trailers last year in 2020. My attention was drawn by the Wolf, and how you are able to play as a Wolf in the game. I didn't really know what this game was about since the trailer didn't show the game's story. Even so, I had to play this game. I watched the gameplay first through one of my favourite gamers, Wishing Tikal

Once starting you see a talking light asking for the Wolf's assistance. Throughout the game, you are able to change from nearby animals, which will help you travel easier from hummingbirds to fish. You travel by land, water, and air, following these memories of a mysterious woman. You get to explore the world while trying to see to find identification. You follow these lights that show the life of a woman, which I find interesting. This game I feel celebrates life, ancient civilizations, tribes and is a reflection on death and nature, plus incorporating animals in one story. It sort of explores life after death, the sense of there's something beyond death. A better place. I do find the story very interesting and worth experiencing at least once. However, I replayed this about three times. It's probably because I like being able to play as animals, especially Wolves. Also, I found the story and exploration interesting. Of course it's not the length I prefer, but it's still worth experiencing the journey and gameplay again. I liked the music. I thought it went well with the story. It gives you the feeling of a serene adventure. This game is indeed calm.  

For everything I mentioned above, this is the reason why I recommend Lost Ember for at least one gameplay experience. 

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