03 May, 2021

IWSG: May 3, 2021 (Totally Late Post)


It's time for an Insecure Writer's Support Group, and so I'll answer the optional question...

"Has any of your readers ever responded to your writing in a way you didn't expect it? If so, did it surprise you?" 

I don't think I have readers since nothing's published yet. The closest I can say is those who's had snippets of my work. I think the most surprising response would be regarding two main characters. I've been posting how I developed unsympathetic characters. Their descriptions made some a bit puzzled as to why I have unsympathetic characters. However, I feel these are special characters. They're unique because I learned you can make them overly unsympathetic or tolerable. So, two of these characters were actually a turn-off for those who were reading snippets of my work. I was thinking, yikes! So, this is for the Science Fiction series I mentioned before, and a Historical Fiction. With these responses, I reviewed their characters again. Then I had to modify their characters without altering too much of them. For this is who they are. I just don't have them as bad as before. 


  1. There are ways to soften characters and make them more likeable.
    Sorry, this just showed up in my Feedly reader today!


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