23 May, 2021

Returning to Blogging

I've been busy lately, but I have returned to post again. The thing too was, I felt the Tikaani Moon brand was going in the wrong direction; a direction the opposite of the point why I created Tikaani Moon. I guess after that whole Facebook incident, I became careless with what I shared. I feel I've matured more and learned what I should and should not post for public viewing. I also learned you shouldn't share stuff you don't want people to comment on, or criticise because you deal with lots of minds with different views and opinions. People are dogmatic and will definitely voice their opinions. 

Of course, people are very opinionated about the Lolita or Kawaii fashion, but I will continue posting about it. I will separate the blog topics. So, these sort of topics will be moved to Wordpress. 

Currently, I've been looking into registering Tikaani Moon as an official trademark for the brand. Well, I'm already in the process of doing so. Ever since I created Tikaani Moon, people all over have took the concept of the wolf and the moon, plus using Tikaani Moon for their own. So I wanted to show I'm the one who started Tikaani Moon, and so others can see what is the official Tikaani Moon brand. I've begun only using a few images to build a sense of recognition. 

So, I guess this is all I had to share for now...


  1. I'm always careful what I share online.
    Hope you can get the name trademarked.


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