29 May, 2021

Started Project: Magical Girl Manga Series

I remember years ago watching Sailor Moon. This was introduced to me by my sister who loves watching Anime. I use to like the characters and the style of this series. I don't remember much though. Since getting into kawaii fashion, today I collect Sailor Moon merchandise. This is perfect for my kawaii collection. I mean, it's fair to say every kawaii person owns at least one Sailor Moon item. 

In 2013 I believe was when I was interested in writing manga. However, Shonen though. I just liked the action and adventure, which is something I write for books. I use to think the Magical Girl genre was too cutesy for me. It was when I got deeply into wolves, zombies and horror. I would prefer to write about these things. Years later, I had an interest in kawaii stuff, especially Magical Girl genre. I think my interest came when I saw Mahou Kei, Magical Girl styled kawaii fashion. Also, it's when I binged on Magical Girl series during my recovery process. 

Then I grew to love this genre. I looked back on Sailor Moon, but I wasn't a true fan until now. Today, I like Magical Girl due to the colours, outfits, the attention towards beauty, and I like the strong girl theme. So, I started a Magical Girl series in 2019 I believe. I wrote down an idea but thought the story wasn't strong enough. It just seemed cheesy to me. I brainstormed for a while. Still, there wasn't a good enough plot. I liked the five magical girls I developed, but not the stories I came up with. I ended up creating stories for different projects. 

Now recently, I am glad to say I found a story I liked. So, I'll be sticking with this version and building upon it.  

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