30 June, 2021

Places to Find Editing Services

I've been asked questions as to how to go about receiving book editing services. This is why I created this post in order to show people resources/sites they can use in order to receive these services. I know I always state about not wishing for any of these editing services, and I continue with these beliefs. The only reason why is that I had already revised and rewritten my stories so many times, I'm unwilling to change anything else. I only seek to improve my grammar. That doesn't mean anyone shouldn't get editing services. Why it may not be useful to me, it may have use to another. So, I did run across a few throughout the years which would be great for interested individuals. 


Deviantart job offers, deviantart forums

I know others wouldn't think of DeviantArt when it comes to getting editing services. However, this site doesn't just offer art you can share, but it also allows people to offer and also ask for different services. You can request for art drawn for any reason you may need, website designing, icon creation, content writing, and even editing. It is basically the same as hiring a freelancer. Of course, most of these are 20-year-old college students looking for extra income, but I've run across some good freelancers on this site. 


hire a freelancer

Mostly everyone knows about Freelancer. It's basically a great site for freelancers looking for freelance work. The site is great if anyone wishes to get income for their skills. It ranges from designing to writing. This means, while you can seek work here, you can also find people who can edit your work. 


Fiverr for book editing

I ran across this site last year in 2020 when pursuing the quest to get a book cover. During this time, I learned you were able to hire people to design illustrative projects for you, but I wasn't for sure about the writing services. I relooked at Fiverr and typed in editing. What I found was that it allowed people to hire people to also edit and/or proofread their work. Now, the last time I was here, most people could not speak English well, and the person who designed my first book cover couldn't communicate with me well. So, there was a language barrier since he didn't speak English well, and I didn't speak Hindi. Fiverr looks upgraded and professional since my last visit. Perhaps they fixed this problem? I noticed many people who read my blog, their first language isn't English, so perhaps this would be helpful to others. 


reedsy book editing services, reedsy services

Reedsy is the site I hired a person to redo my book cover, and I was impressed. It's more pricey, but I feel it's worth having a good quality cover. From what I learned from marketing was that imagining is everything. On this site, you can hire people to design a book cover, design a website, and of course, edit your work. If you're fine with paying a bit more for services, this is another credible source for doing so. 

Colleges or Libraries

professors proofreading books, local college resources

I learned that you can also ask college instructors to review your work. You can try local colleges and see if they'll be willing to read it to see if they can find flaws in your work. I like using this method in order to get a third opinion on grammar for my work. I don't like discounting college students, especially senior students who may be qualified to give their opinion. I found other college students who are actually intelligent enough to offer their opinion on written work. I have also gone to libraries in my early stages of writing as a teen. I still recommend them because of my experiences. I've gotten help from older librarians who were willing to sit down and assist me with my work and give publishing advice. They're the ones who suggested not going to smaller publishing companies because I write in different genres, and many only publish a selected number of genres. 

So, this is the list I know you can get trusted and credible proofreading and editing services. 


  1. Reedsy is a good one. We also have several lists at the IWSG site.

    1. Thank you. So anyone could also check out the IWSG site for more sources.


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