26 June, 2021

Real AI vs Science Fiction

Starting last month, I've been learning more about AI through the University of Helsinki. Doing this allowed me to learn more about Finland, and their strives to upgrading their communities to AI. I also learned how it rains a lot in Finland, which I didn't know at first. I read through their site that Finland is the primary country to fully realizing AI's usefulness. It also suggested that Finland is one of the first to implement AI into the government. Through my research for a new Space Opera, I came across China has more AI patents than any other country in the world, which I'm impressed by. 

Well, since working on Science Fiction projects, I was interested in the University of Helsinki's argument about real Artificial Intelligence versus Science Fiction. Computers in Science Fiction is portrayed as having higher intelligence than humans. This is the greatest talk of how computers will one day replace humans, or either turn against us. They are capable of performing tasks without humans. However, this University suggests this is pure fiction. Well, yeah, it's Science Fiction. But it was said how AI is still not there yet. When would they be at this level? Well, according to what I learned, it would be another 50 or so years. There have been attempts to improve AI, but we must get AI to different levels. 

AI is depended upon human supervision, and they require humans to make sure they perform their tasks correctly. AI remains to be flawed even with our advancements. This is still not enough. It's the reason self-driving cars make errors, and according to this University, self-driving cars are not yet safe enough. They can get distracted by "noise", and this causes their errors. Everyday, we notice these errors through our GPS, sites, apps, and more that use computers. Personally, I find mistakes within Google Maps, another AI that I learned about. GPS systems are suppose to learn from their environment in order to show the best routes to get from A to B. However, I noticed some routes were unnecessarily generated, like suggesting unnecessary turns when going straight would be better. This is why users must report issues and than other humans fix the problems. 

So, I can wonder the exact time AI would get to the Science Fiction level? Would it happen in our lifetime? Or would it take another half-century or a century? As usual, I'll make sure to give more updates next weekend.

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