19 June, 2021

Tikaani is Migrating to Scrivener

I first heard of Scrivener a year ago, and how several writers were now working on it, but I wasn't sure about it. I just don't trust new platforms to hold my work due to the issues I had with Google Docs and OneDrive. The other thing I disliked having my projects on one device, accessible only to a single computer. I recently got a new laptop again. It's a Lenovo with i5 core. My old one was slow. Getting into Computer Science, I've learned more about cybersecurity. I was warned about connecting to open networks and not creating strong enough passwords. Also, I learned the importance of accepting the two-verification sets. It's good to keep track of all of the accounts you have. So, I've been evaluating my old methods and apply the learned methods every day. 

So with Scrivener, I didn't know enough about this software to migrate to it yet. Recently, I noticed OneDrive not keeping my work, and so I had to back it up. However, like years ago, I've had a series of bad luck on the platforms many experts advise writers to work on. This is why I'll test out Scrivener and see how it works. I will be spending the week transporting all of my work to Scrivener and backing it up again. I had lots of projects that'll have to be migrated. 

UPDATE: Scrivener was more complicated than I thought. It just overwhelmed me trying to figure out how to properly use it and what all of the features do. I looked at tutorials to see how to work on this platform. After a while, I think it's a way to better organize your work. I've been able to better organize and keep track of characters, chapters, settings, and outlines/notes.

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