12 June, 2021

Weekly Update

My week was the most productive it's ever been in a while, far as writing and school. First, I've been searching for the best demon I wanted to use for the new series I started. I just like to write down ideas I have and work on the project I plan to publish first. When going through my search history, I noticed how much I've been looking up demons. It's not that I'm obsessed with demons. I research real demons to use them in my projects. I like to share what I learned about them through my writing. I looked up hellhounds and Japanese demons. Well, also deities, hoping to find that one I would like to write about. I already have a book featuring a demon POV. This one would be my fourth manga with a demon POV. You know, that's common in manga, though, for the main character to be either a demon or have demonic related abilities. 

A while ago, too, I started a mind map on mindmeister.com for a game I'm developing. Well, planning out first. Years ago, I learned creating mind maps are actually the correct way in writing a game script. You don't use film script formats or even manga script formats, but mind maps. I found this site out through my mom, who discovered it through her own schooling. I found it useful. With the free version, you can create up to 3 mind maps. I am currently using the free version but have considered upgrading. I only need just 3 at the moment, though. I researched more on game world-building and how to build an open-world game. Although ambitious, I hope to develop this one into an open-world game. 

Third news, you know that whimsical fantasy series I always mention? Well, I recently relooked at the story and decided to rewrite it in a new draft. Even though I unintentionally use British spelling, I've been gathering a word list of UK words, spelling, and phrases. I had a list already, but I don't know where I put it. So I'll redo it. Another thing, I realized I don't have an outline written for the first book. So, I'm upgrading my original draft. It was written years ago. The old version only goes to about 19 chapters. When I make it there, I'll see what I plan on doing next. 

So, these are the updates I wanted to share. I'll try to give more updates when I can.

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