21 July, 2021

Revisions to Tikaani Moon

I started off Tikaani Moon with the image of the wolf howling at a full moon. It was a black wolf silhouette usually standing on some rock and sometimes trees in the background to symbolize a forest. I liked this image because it was simple and yet got my branding across. This also suited the name Tikaani Moon. However, I began seeing people and even companies copying this whole concept. Soon, Tikaani Moon wasn't looking too unique. So that's when I knew I had to create another image. 

Fiction writer, nonfiction writer

That's where this image emerged. I replaced the silhouette concept with this as my branding logo. It still contains some elements of the wolf, the moon and the forest, but in a different way. I wanted an image to represent the Native American culture to help promote this group. I plan on bringing awareness to Native American culture through the fantasy series I'll release first. I use the image on every platform I have, using this as the verification image. If you see this image, you'll know this is the real Tikaani Moon profile and not the others who have stolen my Tikaani Moon name and concept. There are other profiles that use the name Tikaani (something in the middle) Moon, and this is my way of letting others know where to go to view my content. 

This is the header I use for my blog headers and also banners for social media platforms, another verifying image. The story behind the swords and the gun was to represent the type of work I create. I develop lots of action/adventure projects from my books, manga, and games. The headband was to symbolize a Native connection. I removed the Aspiring Author off though, and I'll soon redo the Tikaani Moon title in Photoshop. I viewed Photoshop tutorials and I'm getting the hang of it now. Anyway, I think the background still has the same concept I originally went for, but in a different way. I feel my revised brand is better. 

I continue to build upon my brand to bring it together in one cohesive image. Also, I've been working on the products I promise to bring out. My first product would probably be books, but I am not sure. Whatever I can get out first. Thanks for reading and I'll try to post more often.

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