01 August, 2021

A Fog Over Minnesota

There's been a strange fog, more like a haze over Minnesota. I first heard of this on the news last week. There was news about how northern Minnesota's air quality was affected by Canada's wildfires. Since I don't live in the far up north, I thought I wouldn't ever be affected by the haze and air quality. People were advised to be cautious when going outside. Well, the advice was to avoid being outside if possible. 

Pretty soon, it was spreading south, meaning in central and other parts of Minnesota. I was officially affected. When I went outside, I saw a strange fog. The sky had a strange grey covering it as if it was about to rain. That same grey spread to the ground. You saw this foggy haze everywhere you turned but you were still able to see the road and everything. 

I took a picture a few days after the big fog days. Honestly, the picture doesn't show exactly how hazy it was, but I tried capturing it. 

By this time, the fog was gradually clearing up. The photo actually shows how it was clearing up, but there was still this haze over the sky. I think a day after this photo, it returned. Not only that, but it had spread throughout the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. I'm not sure when it's expected to clear, but I don't think it's leaving any time soon. 

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