04 August, 2021

IWSG: August 4 2021


Insecure writers support group, iwsg

It's August 4, which means it's time for another Writer's Insecure Support Group. I'll answer the optional question regarding writing craft books. 

Getting right into the question, what is my favourite craft writing book, I don't have a favourite really. Usually get information online or through Youtube, or articles on writing if I feel they will be useful to me. I did run across a 19th-century one I still read on writing a book. It focuses more on grammar, which it has been the best I've read and is worth downloading. I have purchased a physical copy of an older book as well which shares how to write correctly. I believe it was written in the 1700s? I'll update this once finding the titles of these. Anyway, one book discussed the importance of understanding what a writer reads. Many experts advise reading the material you wish to emulate. You can read and copy these things, but it said it's meaningless if you don't understand what's being copied. It's not enough to read, but to comprehend the material being read. This I never ran across again, but something I felt was a valid point. Even though they're older books, I felt they're still good advice on writing. It pointed out things on writing I took into account when writing my books. 

However, I feel much of this information is online and it's accessible to everyone.  


  1. You can find almost anything online and you tube today, can't you?
    Wishing you a great reading/writing day.

  2. If it can be taught, it's on YouTube somewhere.


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