09 August, 2021

Posting When I Can

I haven't had time to post lately. I had too much work. Plus, where I moved to, the internet is even worse than where I was. It's hard getting work done that requires the internet like schoolwork and working on my projects, and so, I've been spending my time trying to unpack. 

I'm posting today because this has been the only time I've been able to get anything done on my computer. 

So, our new house was once a Catholic School. Unlike our previous home, I was able to Google the address. That's when I ran across a PDF document stating it was a Catholic School. I thought that was cool, but I found out it's haunted. Again, another haunted house. 

The area I live in is busier, not so much a small town. It's different from what I'm used to. It's a college city pretty much. No, I don't attend one of the colleges here. In fact, I decided to attend a University in Germany called International Univesity of Applied Sciences. There are lots of colleges here, which attracted other college students. Despite that, there are many seniors here too. I think it's a nice balance of young and old. Everything is close by which is convenient. I mean, there's stores, eateries, pharmacy, hospitals, clinics, and even pet hospitals. The downside to this city is I avoid going outside when it gets dark. That's when most of the crime happens. It's not safe for women to walk around here at night. Other than that, people pretty much live and let live. It's new, and so I'm getting used to the area while getting our house together. I'll be sharing my bedroom as soon as I'm done unpacking. 


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