15 August, 2021

Tablet and Illustration Updates

I remember saying I wanted to illustrate my own posts images, and that is still my plan. This is an important step in branding my posts. I've been researching tablets, which one would be the best for drawing. There's a ton of tablets out there. I wasn't satisfied with the first one I bought and so I wanted to get a better tablet. I ran across tips saying you don't have to get an expensive one in order to illustrate. I do believe sometimes a reasonably priced item is as good as a high priced version. When it comes to illustration, it's up to the designer to produce good art. 

What happened to my current tablet, it was a cheap Huion one. I thought any tablet would do to get the job done. The problem was there are a few steps in order to make the tablet connect to your computer. First, you must go to the Huion website and then click on the downloads. You must make sure you're downloading from the type of tablet you have. I made sure I did that. Once downloading it, I noticed still my computer couldn't be paired with the device. Actually, it never came on the screen. When you draw, it's supposed to show on the computer screen through the drawing software. 

So, this is why I decided to try another tablet. One that's better than the one I tried using. I'll give updates on the tablet I chose and when it arrives. 

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