16 September, 2021

Nintendo Switch Streaming Updates (and some other updates)

Since getting my Nintendo Switch back, I started getting some games. Since I first streamed on my Xbox One, then on the PS4, I wanted to start streaming on my Nintendo Switch. It's pretty cool because I have the Animal Crossing limited edition. So, I learned about streaming through the Switch, and got the Elgato capture card due to its good reviews and endorsements by other streamers. I'm just getting my laptop together for streaming and of course so I won't do my assignments on my phone and tablet. I was able to solely use my phone for streaming that Ratchet and Clank gameplay, but I saw I needed a laptop for streaming on the Nintendo Switch. 

I observed other Twitch profiles to see how I can improve my own. I believe it's best to better enhance the Tikaani Moon branding, for I already have a pretty solid brand. As I said before, I'll soon add a camera and mic to my stream. I have a mic for my Youtube channel, but I now learned more about mics over the years. So I may get another mic to have the best quality. 

I've also explored the idea of streaming on Facebook and that's why I didn't get rid of my account. 

And other updates....

I've been recently working on my finished manga while constantly getting distracted by school. I promise to at least have something available. I won't promise this year, but soon. 


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