25 September, 2021

Possible Streaming Schedule

For the past few days, I've been learning ways to improve my streaming channel. What I have considered was starting a schedule. I have tried doing this schedule thing on my blogs, and I sometimes lose track of the days of the week and the time. However like before, I've thought of also creating a schedule for when I stream. Right now, I just stream when I have free time, and I've allowed my family to also stream on my channel. So, this would probably help get more streaming videos collected on Twitch. 

I'm not sure if a schedule would work, or if I'll even go through with having one. It just seems best to stream as often as possible. At least every week or few days to become a partner. I try to get to streaming, but time escapes me too much. After working, I get too tired to play, let alone get my phone or laptop together. On the subject, I determined I would need better a laptop. I felt my current one was an upsale, but now I researched best gaming laptops, and will buy accordingly. I've also plan on adding OBS, the streaming software for my streams. 

Not sure what else to add here, and so I'll end it with those updates. I'll make sure to share more soon.

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