07 September, 2021

Tablet Updates

 As promised, I was going to give a tablet update. 

This is my new tablet which is a Duoduogo brand. I was taken it out of the case it comes with. I wanted a tablet that's a all in-one computer. 

The keyboard it comes with. I at first didn't know how to connect it with the tablet. With a YouTube tutorial, I saw I was supposed to go to settings, go to Bluetooth, but make sure it list your tablet device on the screen. 

And here's the pen and mouse it comes with. I just needed a drawing app to use. I wanted to use the Procreate, but I found out it's made only available on mobile phones and the IPad. That was a bummer. I did find Photoshop and other drawing tools I can use to practice my designing skills. 

So I wanted to share this and I'll make sure to give more updates soon. 

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