17 October, 2021

I Finally Played Little Nightmares II

As promised, I shared an update when I finally played the second Little Nightmares. I played it a few days ago. Actually, I played it about 3 times already. That's because I found the story interesting, and the whole gameplay intriguing in an eerie way. The game follows a boy named Mono. Since he's not in the other game, you sort of wonder who is he? I think his identity remains a mystery kind of, but you see where he meets Six, the girl you play in the first Little Nightmares. 

xxx Spoiler Warning xxx

This is what you see when you first begin your journey. If you're freshly playing, you wouldn't know why Mono has a dream or vision of the door. Throughout the game you wonder, what is it about that door? Much later, it comes together. 

The infamous scene where Mono meets Six. I first saw this during the first 15 minutes of gameplay last year. 

When I first saw this, my reaction was wow. I wasn't expecting this. As you follow Six, you're caught off guard. Well, I thought it gave this part extra creepiness. This is so throughout the entire game. It is very exciting and interesting. I think it would've enhanced the gameplay if I never watched it on YouTube. I guess it's best to be surprised. However, some parts I don't think I would have gotten out of without YouTube videos. 

My favourite part would have to be the teacher, of course. You're first introduced when you're still at the school I believe. You creep to this room through the classroom. The classroom by the way was dark, and had an eerieness. When you see the teacher's neck stretch for the first time makes you react. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks this. I've ran across videos where others were terrified of the teacher. It didn't scare me, but it definitely made me think whoa

Another interesting element about this game was Mono. I've ran across plenty of theories as to who he is and his origins. One plausible theory from VikanGaming, Mono was possibly something the hunter in the beginning made. It was a good theory. You kind of wonder about him, and why he wore the paper bag over his head? Why was he hiding himself? But then, you see Mono take off the paper bag when facing the Thin Man (himself). When he does, he sort of resembles the Painted Lady (Geisha Lady) from the first game. Is he related to her? He appears to have a weird power where he travels through the television. It's pretty cool, but you wonder where did he get that power from? If the theory is correct, he has some connection to the Painted Lady witch, his powers would make sense. 

Then the hospital is another interesting experience. You're faced with live mannequins you must keep away with your flashlight. Others make it look so easy, but it's kind of tricky to aim your flashlight to the mannequins when you're being surrounded. It creates a super intense scene followed by the darkness which adds to the haunted hospital environment. 

When first seeing this big blob thing crawl on the ceiling, I was thinking "Wow! What is that?!" I watched the sneak preview of this, and found out it's still a part of the hospital setting. Plus that ceiling crawling creature is actually the doctor who creates the living mannequins. Despite his appearance, you can say the doctor is very intelligent enough to create life in these things. The chase is another intense moment. Little Nightmares usually have intense chase experiences, but I think this is up there next to when you are suddenly pursued by the Thin Man. Is there a possibility the doctor also created Mono? 

I'm unsure if others noticed, but I saw something that looks like a face in the wall of this part.

Did you notice this face? I wonder if this was intentional or not? If so, what did it symbolize? Of course, this is the final chapter before the big finish. I just loved how the mood was set for this moment throughout the gameplay. You have premonitions with the wooden chairs you encounter at times. Sometimes, I noticed eerie music playing if standing on or around specific chairs. It was hinting Mono's fate. You wouldn't realize it if you never played before. You wonder, what is it about the chairs? Then later, you put everything together. There was a comment on how Six is the only character with a good ending. The other two playable characters weren't as lucky as her. Even non-playable characters who tries to escape ends up with bad endings. You can sort of wonder why? 

One of the most important question is, why did Six drop Mono at the end?! I honestly wasn't expecting that after Six helping you throughout the game, and you saving her twice I think. I've ran across a few theories, one by VikanGaming again. Studying mathematics and game theory started me to always theorize everything. 

My first assumption was when Six turned into that monster, she was somehow changed and corrupted. Another theory came from other gamers, but it's possible Six dropped Mono because of her hunger you see in the first game. At the end, you see a shadow figure appear right after seeing Mono's fate. Perhaps she avoided having to eat her friend. The third theory is bizarre but could also be a possibility. I've noticed Mono's interaction with Six, and perhaps he started liking Six more than just a friend. Perhaps it was getting too awkward? Could that be it? I don't know. 

Anyway, I have to say Little Nightmares have been and will always be one of my favourite horror games of all time. There's no game that can compare to it. I mean, people do compare Little Nightmares to others, and many try mimicking it. However, I think it's just too unique; it should stand alone. I've heard rumors of more games, and I really hope there's more. 


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