06 October, 2021

IWSG: October 6, 2021


I am posting this for another Insecure Writer's Support Group post. 

For the optional question, actually I was going to post on a similar topic if I draw the line on what I'll write about. I debated covering a topic I don't normally write about. Actually I do have a set of boundaries of what's acceptable and not in my writing. I avoid vulgar language and too explicit content. I can't write these things knowing younger people will view my work. I read all the time how they mimic what they read or watch. I just feel certain things you shouldn't put into a book, especially a YA story. Well, the most would be blood and gore obviously for a Zombie series. Of course too, I am working on projects about a cannibal, demons and even cults. When it comes to these topics, I ask what should be added and what should be excluded? 

When it comes to demons and hell, this topic/theme I don't shy away from ghastly depictions. I've acquired so much information from research and experiences, that I need to write what I learn. I believe relating topics are my darkest works yet. 

I do have a series about a cult, and this one would be the iffiest project I have. I researched cults and the behaviour associated, but even with this I am cautious about what I write in this one. Well, it has a bit more than the other projects, but I am thinking about toning it down. I recently reread the 2013 version, and wasn't sure what stuff to delete and keep. I might leave it since everything is pretty much mapped out and written in. 

So, I think the most for me is how dark my work is. I do remember while studying Writing in college, the instructors suggests using profanity is required to achieve realistic scenes. I listened and followed their advice, but then years later I questioned how necessary is profanity and vulgar language. That's when I saw my work changing not how I wanted them written. I've read around for this one, and saw others point out how young people especially us millenials usually swear. I don't though despite if you run across some of my posting online how I embarrassingly used to curse people out. 

So, I'm a little torn about this. 


  1. I don't think they all swear.
    Writing about a cult - tough subject.

    1. Not all of us swear. I do believe cults can be tricky due to its controversy.

  2. I know a lot of young people who don't swear. Don't bow to that lie.


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